Cache is regenerated after every page refresh

Site with this problem:

In attachment you can find my config file from /etc/nginx/sites-available/

I would be extremly grateful for any help!

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@tomek Can you send me the configuration file again?

Oh, sorry.

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I had to disable Nginx Helper because of terrible issues I had with comment posting... Basically, all comments posted on my site showed up after ~60 seconds.


It looks like you are mixing my config with some other config. I won't be able to provide you support in such "mixed" cases.

Please use my config posted here only -

Regarding comments appearing after 60 seconds issue, disabling nginx-helper cannot fix that issue. Cache is created by nginx's fastcgi-cache and not by nginx-helper.

If there is any issue, comments shouldn't show up for 60 minutes as that is caching duration configured in nginx config.

Please provide more details.