By passing php7 "experimental feature" prompt?

I’m trying to automate installation of EE and configuration of first site on the server. Came across this for EE working around the git prompts during installation:

Works flawlessly, but when firing up a new site with php7 (sudo ee site create --wp --php7) I can’t figure out how to bypass this prompt:

PHP7.0 is experimental feature and it may not work with all plugins of your site.
You can disable it by passing --php7=off later
Do you wish to enable PHP now for
Type “y” to continue [n]

Is there a way to automate a “y” response to that question so it doesn’t stop here during installation?


Allow me to answer this one myself :slight_smile:

yes | ee site create --wp --php7

I use --experimental to bypass the prompts.

ee site create --wpredis --php7 --letsencrypt --experimental

Thx, much better :+1: