Bugs - rtMedia



I have been some problems with the rtmedia plugin.

The first problem:

When I try to create a new album the website say this message.

Second Problem:

When I try upload some video I have this error in javascript and the video is not uploaded.

Third problem:

The song is uploaded with success but when I reload the page, the song is disappear.

I have been using the WP - Multisites. I’m using the rtMedia 3.2.7 and rtMedia Pro 1.6.2.
I’d like some help with this case.

Many Thanks



Can you check if this works properly with default theme and by deactivating other plugins?



I have tested with the default theme and only 3 plugins activated (BP / rtMedia / rtMedia PRO) please find below the screeshots.


If you want I can send you my project with the source code and database for more tests.
Many Thanks



Can you give your site url and also admin credentials so that we can figure it out the cause.



Currently my project is in localhost, I can send you the source code by e-mail?


@ForeMinds – Am sorry to say, that would be a little out of scope for the help and support that we can provide to the community as we would need to setup the whole thing ourselves. You could share your credentials once it is live so that we could have a quick look at it.


Ok Ritesh, no problem, I’ll set up the website and send my credentions soon. Thanks



I set up the website in the server can you check please?

This is the main url:

This is my multisite website:

You can test the problems above in this url

The admin access is:
user: admin
pswd: admin

Please let me know if you need something else.

Many Thanks



Can you give access to error log so that we can check out the cause.



My application is hosted in pagoda-box I can share the project if you have an account in pagoda-box, if you have please send me your username. There you can see the error log. I can’t send you the log errors because is a rule in pagoda-box you need be a project collaborator for view it.

Currently when I reload the page I can see these errors below:

I think these errors appear because I have WP multisite and each website have the own tables. Maybe the rt-media plugin is not prepared for it.



Thanks for bringing this issue to our notice. We are looking into it and this should be resolved in next release.


Hi Ritesh

Do you have a prevision for next release?
Many thanks for your supporting :slight_smile:


Next release is expected by monday.



We just released rtMedia 3.2.8 with MU fixes. Please update and let us know if it fixed your issue related to rtMedia.


Hi Ritesh

Thanks for fixed, everything works fine :slight_smile: