Bugs on Mobile browser in InspireBook

I was using your demo on two different Android phones and have noticed a few bugs.

When the phone is in a vertical position, the change avatar and change cover photo only work sometimes. Turning the phone horizontal does seem to allow them to be changed at a better rate but still a bit buggy.

Also in the vertical position the Change cover photo menu falls behind the profile/avatar making it impossible to choose the other option. Example: http://i5.minus.com/in22obafyymd6.jpg

Any fixes for these things?

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Thanks Jwlou for pointing out this issue. We will fixed it in upcoming InspireBook theme update.

Thank you Manish. Great support. Excited for the next update.

Manish, 1.1 has resolved one of these issue.

I am still unable to use the "Edit profile picture" > "Choose from photos" option if the phone is held in a vertical position. This issue is also present on the "Change Cover" > "Choose from photos" option. Clicking on it doesn't appear to do anything (pop-up of albums does not appear).

If you turn the phone horizontal, everything works perfectly - you receive the pop-ups of your albums and everything works as expected.

Regards, Jon

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Hello Jon,

Lightbox is disabled for resolution below then 600, that's why you are facing this issue.

You can comment out following code from modules/rt-profile-cover-photo/app/assets/js/bb-pc-rtmedia-addon.js file to make it work on lower resolution.

if (jQuery(window).width() < 600) { return false; }

This is the quick fixed for you.

We are going fixed this bug in the upcoming release, so that the lightbox will work fine on lower resolution.

Manish, This works in the parent theme only (which is fine for now, I know it is a quickfix only). However, when using a child theme you are unable to "Upload a Photo" or "Choose from Photos" on Avatar/Profile Picture. The Cover Photos works as expected in the Child Theme though. Does something else need to be copied to the child theme?

Regards, Jon

I just checked on my custom InspireBook child theme, the "Upload a Photo" and "Choose from Photos" functionality is working fine on lower resolution.

As we have fixed this issue in Parent theme, no need to add/copy any code to the child theme.

Please cross check this functionality by clearing browser cache.

Unfortunately clear the browser cache and wp cache did not resolve it. For me, when using the Child Theme I still cannot "Upload a photo" or "Choose from Photos" on the Avatar/Profile Picture. It doesn't matter if it is on lower resolution (phone) or PC. The cover photo "Upload a photo" and "Choose from Photos" works as expected though.

If I enable the parent theme, it works without a problem. It seems to be an issue with the child themes.

Can you please send your WordPress login details, FTP and SSH details on manish.songirkar@rtcamp.com to debug this issue.

SSH, FTP, and WP info sent. Thank you.

Following are the points which creating issue on your server, now its fixed and functionality is working fine,

  1. Quick fixed given in this comment is not implemented on your server.

  2. Functions.php you copied from the parent theme, but NOT removed the code which already defined in the parent theme, this is unused code (in the child theme) and creating an issue as its already defined.

  3. Gruntfile.js (Optional if you are using a grunt command) file you copied from the parent theme, but not removed js file path in uglify task. Also, config.rb file is missing from a child theme.

  4. Fontello Icons (Optional if you are using extra custom fontello fonts) - You copied assets/ directory which contain fontello fonts. The css present in /assets/fontello/css/inspirebook-icon.css is not included in your child theme. Because of this you will not able to use extra custom fontello icons in your custom child theme (Ref. https://rtcamp.com/support/topic/inspirebook-child-theme/#post-62568).

Note: I made some changes in your functions.php, Gruntfile.js, comment out the code in the parent theme which given in this comment and added config.rb in the root directory.

Above issue is fixed now.