Bug w/ BuddyPress Activity Privacy

Rtmedia enables image attachments to the Buddy Press activity feed. When an image is posted it calls wp-admin/admin-ajax.php which returns the post with an image preview like this:

  • or press esc to cancel.
  • However, if BuddyPress Activity Privacy is enabled, it only returns the text without the image like this:

  • Mike posted an update right now


    Comment 0 Favorite Delete Anyone Logged In Users My Friends @mentioned only Admins Only Only me
    or press esc to cancel.
  • The user must refresh the page to see the image in the activity feed.

    I’m sure this is being caused by BuddyPress Activity Privacy because I am able to toggle this behavior by activating and disabling the plugin.

    Hi Mike,

    It’s great that you had figure it out that it is some other plugin creating conflict with rtMedia. You can contact BuddyPress Activity Privacy plugin developers. What’s their thought regarding this?

    I tried posting over there several days ago but I did not receive a response: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/activity-feed-bug-w-rtmedia

    I figured I’d try crossposting here because this community seems to be much more active and may have experience with this issue.

    Hi Mike,
    I can understand your concerns but I can’t do anything as it works fine when you disable BuddyPress Activity Privacy plugin. I just check rtMedia with BuddyPress Activity Privacy plugin activated ans is working fine for me. Can you tell me in which case it is creating conflict?