? Bug report? Upload button half-hidden on image upload - plugin conflict?

Hi there,

I’m working through a new social photo site setup and am testing your free version of rtMedia. Going well, except I’ve just tested it as a user uploading an image to a Group, and after I’ve selected the image and selected open/upload, a dialogue box appears above the image file info with the text “Upload will start only after you enter content and click Post Update.”

Unfortunately this text then almost completely covers the “Post Update” button, so I can only complete my comment/upload because I know where to click with my mouse - so not working really! this happened using Google Chrome as browser.

And the same thing happens when first trying to add a comment in an upload for a user activity when I use Firefox as my browser (but OK for the Groups!) only this time it also covers the File Upload button too.

I look forward to your thoughts and possible fix as this is obviously a bug or possible conflict with Buddypress?


That’s a theme issue. Your screen width is too small to display the page properly, so it shrinks things down.

@illusionsglass, thanks for your quick reply, but think that’s unlikely as I’m using the standard WP 2013 theme and my screen width is currently 40cm! Any other ideas? Cheers.

2013 theme? Try 2014 or 2015. :slight_smile: Or even better – a BuddyPress-capable theme! The default theme will only show you if the function works. It will NEVER be pretty. :slight_smile: rtCamp makes a few themes that work well with rtMedia, and there’s others too out there you might enjoy.

Hi illusionsglass,

Good point! So… I’ve just changed to the W/P 2015 theme and there’s no change - still the same problem.

I’m new to Buddypress (hence my test site now) but not to site design and css, and from my reading around buddypress it’s now designed to be totally compatible with standard w/p themes as it’s meant to work with w/p not against it! It also now doesn’t ship with it’s own default theme as it’s 100% OK with w/p themes.

I’ve also tested it with all other plugins deactivated (except for BP and rtmedia) - and again the problem remains.

So I guess that means that this problem is either a conflict of rtmedia with wordpress or a conflict of rtmedia with BuddyPress??? or is there someting else I’m missing?

Any insight or help much appreciated.

Whats the actual monitor resolution you have? 40cm doesnt tell me much – but pixels would!

Just checked - it 1920px x 1080px.

That’s a good resolution. It’s the theme. Buy a buddypress theme! Or disable all the sidebars and widgets you have cramming it into such a small space.

Thanks illusionglass,

A new purchased theme is not an option at present as I’m in the early development stage of a new site, looking at what plugins comfortably work together and deliver the required result.

I’m working with buddypress, s2member and bullet proof security as my core functionality/security and know that they all integrate and/or have good support from the authors for integration - and they’re all compatible with the recent default wordpress themes.

rtmedia would be a great addition (in fact perfect!), but only if it integrates well and is well supported - if not, I’ll have to look at other solutions.

And i still think it’s unlikely to be the theme as without a sidebar it was still happening (albeit with an older default w/p theme) and for the other reasons stated above.


ps. actually I am looking at 2 different themes at present (Kleo and Avada - both hugely popular and from Themeforest) but I still need to be sure this problem won’t continue - perhaps this should be a bug report instead?? - sorry, I’ve just changed the title to ? Bug report as I can’t find a link anywhere as to where to report a suspected problem.

You’re crazy. The problem is the theme. rtMedia works perfectly fine. You cant look at what plugins will work well together, discover a theme issue, and then say the plugin is the problem. The problem is the theme. =P

Remember – You get what you pay for. Use a free, unsupported theme made by random people – and you’ll get exactly what you paid for. :slight_smile:

Ok, well I’m sure everyone here knows the standard w/p procedure of how to isolate a conflict/problem - which is what I did and the problem remained.

I’m thinking it’s seriously unlikely to be the w/p default themes as by all accounts this is now well coded and code compliant- which leaves rtMedia or BuddyPress or my computer having a bad day.

Anyway I will have one more test of rtmedia on a few other computers and will report back.

But in the meantime, it might be really helpful if one of the plugin authors/someone with the coding know-how of this plugin reviewed this post and added their thoughts.


Not to be a stickler, but, well, you’re just wrong. :slight_smile:

To test if a plugin works, you use the default theme. Nobody – NOBODY – expects the default theme to be STYLED perfectly. It should just WORK. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your site.

Hi @perfectp,

As @illusionsglass suggested, it’s all depend on theme. Well, here issue is related to BuddyPress because BuddyPress set a fixed height for that container using JavaScript. We have a CSS fix for that issue.

#buddypress #whats-new-options { height: auto !important; overflow: hidden; }

Just put this CSS code in your theme’s style.css file or in Custom CSS box under rtMedia admin settings and it will work fine.

If you have any rtMedia related CSS issue in default theme, just let us know, we will help you to fix it.

@illusionsglass, thanks for your contribution in rtMedia community, I really appreciate that :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Hi @ pranalipatel,

Thanks so much for your input - as it was a functional issue, I had a feeling it was more related to rtmedia or BP. The custom scc code above works perfectly!

Just 2 quick questions relating to this:

  1. Will this code be added in an update of rtmedia? - or should I keep it in the custom code permanently?

  2. I assume that any custom code added into the rtmedia settings won’t be lost during rtmedia updates - is that correct?

many thanks.

Hello @perfectp,

  1. No, we cannot include this code in rtMedia update as it is theme dependent code. You can keep this code to your theme’s style.php file or in custom css.

  2. Yes, it wont be lost during updates.

Thank you.

many thanks - all sorted for now! Cheers.

Hello @perfectp,

You are welcome !