[BUG REPORT] Add Media Error in rtMedia 3.1.1/WP 3.6/BP 1.8.1


Using WP 3.6, BP 1.8.1 and rtMedia Plugin 3.1.1 I am experiencing an error when uploading photos using the new photo uploader. For example, when I go to a post and click on the "Add Media" button, then go to upload a file, I can start this process but after uploading the file I get an error (photo attached): "An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later."

Looking at the response from the ajax call it looks like there's an issue where the function "edit_video_thumbnail" is called in buddypress-media/app/admin/RTMediaAdmin.php. The hook that it's tied to is add_filter ("attachment_fields_to_edit", "edit_video_thumbnail");. It looks like this function is called and then fails because it doesn't return anything to wp-admin/includes/media.php in the get_compat_media_markup function on line 1398. This throws a php warning and breaks the AJAX request. The photo is uploaded successfully, but the user then needs to try to re-add the photo to select it. This leads to another issue as users are unable to view existing files when clicking on the "Add Media" button, so the user is unable to add any media to the post (or custom fields if they're used) using the new photo uploader.

I didn't have time to go through and find what exactly is causing the problem, but commenting out the add_filter on line 44 of buddypress-media/app/admin/RTMediaAdmin.php solves the problem. We won't be using the video feature so I don't expect this to cause any issues, but thought it was worth mentioning here.

I've attached an image of the error below. In the image you can also see that no files are showing up in the media gallery view.

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@wchest - We have already been working on this issue and this should be fixed in the upcoming release.