Bug, login credentials username & password

OK, you create a wp in ee4 and then migrate a db from elsewhere.
Type ee site info mysite . com and you have the new username and password you just created in the current instance.
What you should get as an answer is your old admin credentials from the curent db.

I would suggest a different path. It is always smart to have at least two admin userids. I setup a generic admin with the following additional site create command parameters:

ee site create [normal stuf] --admin-user=master_admin --admin-pass=<admin-pass> --admin-email=<admin-email>

Once you restore your WordPress database, go create the master_admin user and provide full admin rights within WordPress. This way you have the normal admin you use daily and a backup admin defined by EE. I don’t keep track of the info, since it is a simple command away.

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ok, never heard of that, thanks