Bug for translation, and solution inside ;)

Hi guys, I have a hard time searching why I couldn’t translate the ‘Read More →’ in loop-common.php
Translation of this in the PO files didn’t work for the page which show summaries of posts, didn’t know why.
Finaly, I understood that it is in the rtp-post-summaries.php file where there was a problem.
In the function “rtp_no_ellipsis( $text )”, before the “return $text;”
there is a “esc_attr( $read_text )” that need to be “esc_attr( __( $read_text, ‘rtPanel’ ) )”

That’s doing the job done! :slight_smile:

Thanks to you for this great theme.

Hello Blbird,

Thank you for pointing out bug. We have fixed it on GitHub, as per your suggestion.

Thanks for appreciation too.