Bug comment attachment

Hi, I use rtmedia comment attachment and I have noticed a problem:

  1. When a user attach a non supported file and send his comment, then it runs (instead of a error message). Sometimes, even a blank page appears.
  2. After a user has upload his files, if he decide to remove one file before sendind his comment, he can not!

If you want to see by yourself http://www.yoxpo.com/a-faire-ailleurs/week-end-volcanique-a-hokkaido-mont-usu-et-mont-tarumae-au-japon/

Thank you very much

Hello @viriis,

Please find my replies below to your questions.

  1. User will get error message File not supported while attaching uploading such files and if he still continues to post the comment then the comment will be posted without the file attached.

Here, is the screen-shot for the same :

  1. Yes, there isn’t any remove option for attached media yet. I will discuss this with the team and hopefully come up with the solution in upcoming release.

Let us know if you have any doubts.
Thank you.

Hi, Happy new year

Thank you very much for your answer and also thank you for trying to find a solution for the “remove” option. Concerning my first question, not supported files, I understand that the post is send without the not supported file. But why is the not supported file transfered? I mean, when a user send a post with a not supported file, instead of just remove the file directly, wordpress uploads it before (and it takes many time). Is it normal?

Thank you