Buddypress user profile page table

hello to all,

I expose my problem: when you look at the profile of a user (profile - view) there is a table with the field displayed.
the vertical line that divides the description of the user field moves and also the field move towards the right. in almost all users is displayed differently based on fields that have compiled.

probably there are “Auto” which are a bit what they want

I use the theme RTPANEL (RTCAMP)

how can I fix

Hello glamourpoint,
Can you please share screenshot or site url?

in some cases the fields are filled in by the user too right
the line between the title of the field and the field is never where it should be.
how can I fix it?

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Hello glamourpoint,
I guess you are talking about the vertical line between two cells. It would be great if you share Site URL so i can debug the issue.



I also have another table that relates to the problem of event managers, this one in the BuddyPress profile, I will appear at the top of the page instead of in the box of the profile.

these are the only two things that I can not fix it.

I thank you in advance for the work you do
really thanks

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Hello glamourpoint,

Thanks for site url, but I am not able to visit the pages, since it gives some validation errors, see the attached screenshot.

Kindly provide us admin details of your site.


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Sorry, small bug, already solved.
now go into “profilo” and fill in the fields with written “obbligatorio”.
before you can do anything you want.
“utenti” page you Will find all user and look at their profiles.
thanks again.

Glad to know that your issue has been resolved. :slight_smile:

NO, I fixed the bug that I’ve reported you in the screenshot, but the problem I have remained