Buddypress upload mobile

Why is it taking double tap on the attach files button in mobiles to upload photos in mobiles. I even tried with the demo site and the result is the same. Any solutions to this?

Hello @Navinachettri,

Can you specify on which device and OS you are testing?

We have tested with android device using OS 4.4.4 and 5.0.1 and its working fine.

Thank you.

iphone 4 ios 7

Hello @Navinachettri,

We have checked with iphone and reproduced this issue too.

We will look into this and fix it soon but there is no ETA as of now.

Thank you for reporting us.

Hi Pranali

Any progress in this regard


Hi @Navinachettri,

We haven’t started working on it as we are having other priority tasks pending :expressionless:

Thank you.