Buddypress Read More function disables rtMedia ligthbox

When a user posts an rtMedia update with many lines of text in the Activity Stream Buddypress uses a Read More link. Any rtMedia photos that are posted in this type of Activity update don’t show in the lightbox but rather when the user clicks a photo they are sent to the rtMedia single media page for that photo.

This is very confusing for my users because if the rtMedia update has only a line or tow of text there is no Read More link and the rtMedia light box works as expected.

Anyway to fix this behavior?

Thanks Ray

Hello @raytronx,

We are looking into this issue, it will be fixed in future update. There is no ETA for it.

Thanks for reporting this to us.

That would be great, thanks!

Hello @raytronx,

You are welcome.

Thanks for the fix, awesome!

You are welcome @raytronx ! :slight_smile: