Buddypress profile lost scroll page (while more content to display)


First of all thx for the great plugin and I surely realize the actual gap between those versions!!!

I’m experiencing a pretty strange issue that i’ve not found in the forum: From a user’s profile page all sections works fine exept the Media that load properly but refuse any scroll while there is a lot more content to display!

I’ve modified the templates with no success on this point (but at least now have my theme back to normal… lol).

This happened straight out of the box (prior to my template changes, which btw are done outside using a header-buddypress.php and footer-buddypress.php)

Thanks for your help,

Ok found the issue… Finally!
In case others like me have this issue (might happen if using a theme based on bootstrap), it’s only a CSS issue probably due to the fact you don’t deliver anymore CSS…

Just add:
body.media {
overflow: auto;
To your Theme style and it will works!

Hope this will avoid someone the headaches I had searching this (finally stupid) one!


Hey Olivier,

Nice to see you again on support forum.
I hope you will give some more good tips/tricks to other users for their issues. You rocks! (y)
I added this topic in my favorite list :slight_smile:

@vintagers I came across that exact issue last week.

If @nitun.lanjewar wanted to make rtMedia compatible with Boostrap, then perhaps change the .media class that gets added to the body element to something different. Then there will be no need for the CSS override

Thanks Oliver, you saved the day for me!!!