BuddyPress Member Galleries and Genesis Framework: Echoing text container


I am using the Genesis Framework for WordPress by StudioPress. I have BuddyPress installed and it is compatible out of the box with Genesis 2.0+. I am also using rtMedia Pro. The free version looked very promising so I purchased it this past weekend.

When I use the rtMedia Pro member galleries feature, the galleries tab on users and groups shows a default featured image that I cannot determine how to change, and the site is also echoing some text above the site container, eg, http://beardbody.com/members/evankkc/media/ instead of http://beardbody.com/members/evankkc/.

Do you have any idea where the “evankkc Media Profile BeardBody” string up top is coming from? What about the featured image? It’s grabbing a theme unit test image, but I can’t find the logic where it’s grabbing that. I’ve spent the past 10 hours trying to build a new template under the theme and just can’t get it to behave correctly. The favicon is also different in the member gallery version, so I suspect it’s escaping the Genesis Framework somehow… oddly, though, because the logic for the breadcrumbs in buddypress.php in the child theme is still working, even on the gallery page.

Please advise.



@evanvkkd, “evankkc Media Profile BeardBody” is the page title. It should come in title tag. Please check your theme, it might be theme issue. By default, rtMedia doesn’t show any featured image unless you had override the templates and had put some code for featured image.

Can you send admin access to ritesh.patel[at]rtcamp.com so that I can have a look into it.