Buddypress media tab on profile working but overides my sidebar settings

Hi there, my theme Atahualpa lets me pick what pages my sidebars appear on, i have 2 sidebars active on my website and have turned off the sidebars on the members pages.

All of my members pages have these sidebars turned off, the issue is when i click the media tab these sidebars appear again?

example: the sidebars have been turned off for any url on my website that looks like this hxxp://www.mywebsite.dev/members/username/

This works fine and the sidebars dont show on any of these pages until i click the media tab??? this makes the layout of my site look stupid because if i click any of the other tabs such as Activity/Profile/Notifications/messages/Friends/ or Groups the sidebars are turned off.

It is only upon clicking the media tab that the sidebars ignore my instructions not to show on these pages?

please note i have had to use this code in functions.php to make the media tab work in the first place with atahaulpa

function rtmedia_main_template_include($template, $new_rt_template) { global $wp_query; $wp_query->is_page = true; return get_page_template(); } add_filter(‘rtmedia_main_template_include’, ‘rtmedia_main_template_include’, 20, 2);

does this explain why the media tab works but the sidebar settings are ignored? and if so why?

maybe i need to explain more, in my theme options i can turn on sidebars for pages then exclude them sidebars from showing on specific pages for example this is in my theme options:

“LEFT sidebar: Don’t display on these Pages: To turn off the left sidebar on individual pages, put the ID’s of those pages here, separated by comma”

like i said earlier the sidebars have been excluded from all of my members pages but for some reason when i click the media tab within the members page the sidebars come back on the media pages!!

is there any chance one of the rtmedia team can install atahualpa to see what i mean? first install the theme then in theme options create 3 sidebars to show on all pages, then install buddypress and rtmedia and add the fix mentioned above to get the media tab to work, then go back into theme options and turn off 2 of the sidebars on the members pages, then go to your profile pages and you will see that on all other tabs appart from the media tabs the sidebars are turned off, thx

please help me out on this because this is the last step in my website completion and then i can configure my server and launch my website, i will be 100 percent upgrading to the full premium version of rtmedia if i can get this last issue resolved because i am interested in purchasing some of the ad ons for my website for launch.

Hi @bobthebuilder,

rtMedia doesn’t register a page to render media.

Using this code, it will simply use page template to render media tab. If you un-check “Page” pages from theme settings than it won’t show sidebars on media page but it won’t show sidebar on any of page either.

If Atahualpa theme provides any hook to load sidebars than that might help to not load sidebars on media pages.