Buddypress Media Settings page won't save changes


I have everything installed (1.7 on Multisite) and it actually works in Buddypress “Activity” for instance. I can upload pics, etc. I just can’t update my BP Media Settings page. I get this: “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

The page it won’t let me save to is: http://vchs.36.bitnamiapp.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=bp-media-settings.

I tried doing a find in Filezilla for that page to set its permissions to 777 but, apparently that’s not the way to solve the problem (I can’t find this page within the pages below the htdocs folder recursive.




BuddyPress Media has limited multisite support, as of now. The settings only work when it is ‘network activated’. We’ve been using the Settings API with hacks to make it work in a multisite environment.

We are currently refactoring BuddyPress Media so it has more flexible relationship with BuddyPress and WordPress. We are going to discard the Settings API, in favour of our Settings processing.

This should take a few weeks and then the multisite support will be proper.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


OK and…thanks. In the meantime, could you just give me quick instructions to simply be able to change and save the settings? All of my uploaded pics are in one big vertical line.

The buddypress tabbed pages can be saved. The 4th and final tab, “BP Media” can be opened and settings changed…it’s just that it won’t save/update, giving me the “permissions” error message. Even some back door path into this page via Putty or FileZilla would be fine. Please?


@saurabhshukla it would be great if you where able to get it to work within the uses are ie. website.com/members/name/media/
as well


Hi @frankwarwick,

Yes, there are issues there too, especially with the BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG constant set to true.

And trust me we are working on this. Soon, these settings and whether or not it is inside a single site, multisite with BuddyPress activated on one, multisite with Network activation and multisite with BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG, will not matter.

Right now, it only manages the first and the third scenario, comfortably. The other two need some work.



Has this issue been resolved?


@hungree - Could you please create a separate topic with all the details, as this one is related to a very old version of BuddyPress Media.

Closing this ticket as this issue was on a very old version of BuddyPress Media.