Buddypress Media - Private Messages function

Hi @rtMedia

rtMedia for BuddyPress adds: Activity Stream Privacy: a User can to show his post for:

– Logged In User
– Public – Friends – Only Me

But, this Privacy does not include Messages. So, can rtMedia adds Privacy for Messages in the Next Update (for FREE! and Pro)?

Message Privacy:
Who can send messages to you? – Logged In Users (All Members) – Friends* (Except Admins, Moderators) – Nobody* (= Only Me. Except Adm, Mod)

  • If you have had conversation with a Member (no-friend), when you active “Friends”, members can’t send you messages any more. They will receive Error sending…

  • If you have had conversation with a Friend or Member, when you active “Nobody”, friends and members can’t send you messages. They will receive Error sending… (Whatever dialog you want).


Hi Leo,

Private messaging functionality is a provided by default via BuddyPress plugin. If enabled through WordPress Settings > BuddyPress > Private Messaging, users will be able to Privately message one or more of their Friends.

In other words, the following case is already possible.

The other two cases can be implemented with some custom coding. Adding these to rtMedia are not part of our plans for now.

You could always propose these ideas to the developers of BuddyPress, and/or contribute to it with code that will bring this functionality in future BP releases. (https://buddypress.org/support/)

Thank you for your suggestions!


Joel Abreo

No, no. The function is: Privacy for Private Messages.

BuddyPress does not have this function. For example, if I want receive Messages only of my friends… or somebody Logged, or anybody.

This function es VERY important!

Hi Leo,

Like I mentioned earlier, Private messaging is a BuddyPress-provided service. We have no plans to change this default functionality in any way.

I’m sure the functionality you are looking for can be implemented with some custom code if you really need it.

Thank you for your suggestions!


Joel Abreo