BuddyPress Media doesn't allow text updates with WP- FB Connect


I've had to disable Buddypress media 2.8.1 for the moment, because people who connect to my site via WP- FB connect can't use the activity stream for text updates. I made sure it was these two plugins that were clashing. Any ideas why this may be happening and how to fix it?



Is this still happening with 2.10.1, because these plugins are unrelated and shouldn't possibly interfere with each other.



Yes, it is still happening. I've spoken to people that know buddypress really well and they were surprised that the activity update was allowing blank updates.. the only problem is when the person writes their update the field isn't blank. These two plugins are fighting each other and it is affecting our business.



It's like this. What we wan't to do with activity updates is not how BuddyPress works. So, we've gone ahead and arm-twisted our way around. We know it's not the ideal situation and is likely to cause conflicts with some plugins and not work properly with some themes.

So, our deal is that we either don't add activity updates, at all or, add it knowing these issues and allow users to disable it. We went with the latter.