BuddyPress Media 2.6 requires a database upgrade

So I am running Buddypress Media 2.7.2 and I love it... However, once the new update from I guess 2.6 came available, I lost all privacy control within the plugin. Its been saying "BuddyPress Media 2.6 requires a database upgrade. Upgreade Database" at the top of my dashboard for a while, but when you click on it to upgrade, the start button does nothing. I have tried everything to get the privacy settings back and nothing is working. I was hoping to find something in my Database to delete to get a fresh copy of the plugin, but am not sure what to do. This is by far the best media plugin for Buddypress that I have found and I sure don't want to go with an alternative... But privacy control is essential to my site. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Could you post a link and send dummy credentials to [email protected]?


I'm having the same message to update database 2.6 but the button nothing happens.

I think it would actually be easier to just hard reset the plugin through the database... I'm not really concerned about losing the uploaded data this far. How would I go about resetting the plugin through the database using PHPmyAdmin and then reinstalling the plugin to see if that will work? I assume it is an error within my Database, but don't want to go through the hassle of wiping my entire database and having to redo everything.

I am having the same issue. Nothing happens when clicking on the button to upgrade the database.

Same here but when i click it i get..

You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

@fpats See: http://rtcamp.com/groups/buddypress-media/forum/topic/attach-media-button-missing-in-activity/#post-40382