Buddypress Group Wall Uploads - Missing from profile media tab

Sorry, hopefully last thing as I’ve posted a couple topics already…

When I post an image to a group stream/wall it doesn’t seem to appear in my profile “media” tab? Seems that the only images that appear there are images uploaded directly in my profile? Am I missing something or is there a way to get this functionality easily?


Hello @JLS,

Yes, this is the default behavior of the plugin. The BuddyPress group is a different module and it has its common media stored within the group media tab. Hence, profile media and group media are separately managed.

If you want to have your separate gallery which displays the public media you have uploaded to all other places using rtMedia uploader then you can have a page with below gallery shortcode:

[rtmedia_gallery global=true media_author=1]

Note: replace the media_author Id with your user_id.


replace the media_author Id with your user_id.

I would want all user profiles to have their group wall posted images to be available as part of their media in their profiles so it would need to pull the user_id itself in the template or something I guess?

Hello @JLS,

We understood your concern. What you want is possible but rtMedia plugin does not provide such functionality right now. It will include too much of custom coding as well.


Well, I don’t know how much custom coding it would take but seems like a valid and very basic feature request from a plugin that boasts of being “The complete media plugin for your niche community”. Doesn’t seem “complete” if users can’t simply view another users public media from that other users profile media tab where they would expect to see it.

It’s such a great plugin but a media plugin that targets niche communities in their advertising yet lacking the features that photographers (users that upload the most media) would care about really takes away from the ability to use it.

Thank you for considering adding this feature soon.

Hello @JLS,

We had a discussion with the team regarding your requirement to add all the group’s data under individual user’s profile. However, considering all the complexity, the team is not in positive favor of implementing such functionality for rtMedia.

If you want to find out any custom way for yourself and need any information regarding rtMedia files or hooks then we are always open and ready for your help.