Buddypress doesnt let me unninstal widgets or the whole program


Hi, some days ago I installed buddypress media plugin and when I did it it gave me the error 500, and it doesnt let me enter to the plugin area. In addition to this I was testing to put the recent media widget in different areas and now I cant unninstall it. I am working with buddypress 1.6 ans Salutation theme. Can you help me?


@savijan: Please try re-installing the latest version of the plugin(2.2.6), in case you can’t access the dashboard, please delete the plugin folder via FTP and then install the latest version. In earlier version, we used some PHP 5.3 specific syntax and it caused those errors on servers running older PHP versions


I’m afraid I installed the latest version


This version was released today and you said the error you were having came when you installed it few days ago. Let it be, can you tell what PHP version you are using as well as the names of plugins installed on your server?


The plugins I have installed are these ones: Akismet, BP User Profile Map, Buddypress, BuddyPress Toolbar, Simple Badges and WordPress Importer. And my PHP version is PHP 5.3.3. If you want I can Uninstall everything except Akismet, Buddypress and BuddyPress Toolbar to make it easier. Thank you


The plugin is not behaving the way you say it is. Its working perfectly on our servers and many other test servers we’ve created. Since you are getting " error 500" there must be some sort of error log that must be logging the exact error going on in the server, can you please attach the error log?



I’m searching the file errorlog on filezilla (in the html folder of my server) but I can’t find it. The error folder of my server is empty. No idea where it is. ¿Could you tell me where it is or can you see it in the access-log?

Sorry for being a little dummie, and thank you for your patience.