BuddyPress Activity Wall - Can I change the way images display?



Is it possible for me to allow images on the activity wall to constrain image size to a certain width (600px) while allowing them to then maintain their aspect ratio so that the image’s full height is shown relative to the 600px wide parameter? If this is a CSS tweak, please let me know the code. Thank you!



Hi @jgwolfensberger,

We are a bit confused with your requirement, can you give more details about what exactly you want ?

Can you please provide your site URL where I can have a look into it?


Hi @pranalipatel,

I’ve attached 3 screen shots to better demonstrate, and I’m sending you a private message with login information for you to try it as a user. Also, after verifying the settings in RTMedia as shown in the 3rd image, we regenerated thumbnails, and also uploaded a new image, but still it didn’t work. You are welcome to upload some tall image when you log in to see it.


Hi @jgwolfensberger,

We have followed same steps as you demonstrated above and tested on our end, it is working fine.

Keeping crop enabled in RTMedia settings of image sizes, it will crop thumbnail in activity stream but if we keep it off as you shown in 3rd image, media will be displayed as it should be with full height.

Try once regenerating thumbnails and with fresh upload to activity stream.


I just did this. It is a freshly uploaded image. What is causing this?


Hi @jgwolfensberger,

Can you give admin login details so that we can debug the issue? You can make private reply here.


Hello again -

I sent a private message with super admin login info.


Hi @jgwolfensberger,

We have tested on your site with the credentials you provided and is working fine as it should be.

Here are the screen-shots of admin settings and its image uploads.

1 . Crop enabled

2 . Crop disabled


Thank you @pranalipatel!



Hi @jgwolfensberger,

You are welcome.