Buddypress Activity Plus Integration

Hi dears,

I like your plugin, very neat & useful! I just have one question if you can help me plz:

I’m using “Buddypress Activity Plus” plugin to give users the ability to post photos, links & documents. I want to use the “Attach Files” button of your plugin instead of the “add photo” button of the “Buddypress Activity Plus” plugin, how can I change the position of the “Attach Files” button to make it in “add photo” button’s place or how can I make the “add photos” button do the function of the “Attach Files” button.

Thanks a lot for your support


Attachment Link(s):


@hope, Sorry to say that's out of the scope for support as we need to look into other plugins code. For a work around you can do the same using JavaScript only.

Okay thank you!