Buddyboss - rtMedia removing js click event on Post Update button

I'm using Buddyboss and simply have to use rtMedia also. Your plugin is awesome. However - conflict with Buddyboss is causing hair loss.

We are building an app for concert-goers to upload media during a geo check-in session at concert events (and for manual uploads from desktops). You guys are aware of this bug from what I've seen - where image uploads are posted to the media gallery but not to the activity, group, and member loops.

It seems there is a js conflict with Buddyboss...

Found this on Buddyboss site - "rtMedia: Same exact issue as BuddyPress Activity Plus. The plugin removes the Javascript click event on the “Post Update” button, effectively hijacking that button and making it impossible for other plugins to use the post button for their own purposes."

Site is Concertfy.com - I can give you guys admin access if you need it. I think Sameer has a subscriber login now.

We plan on using the Kaltura platform in tandem with your plugin but don't want to invest any energy unless we can resolve the Buddyboss thing. Obviously, function would win out and we would ditch Buddyboss if needed - but would love to get this thing firing on all eight cylinders.

We're on a VPS - I can provide the software stack if you need it. I also have an engineer I can put you in touch with. Thanks in advance.


@brettbuchanan - Regarding the post update button, as of now there is no proper way of getting this done and lots of plugins hack their way into this. We are awaiting some changes to be done on the BuddyPress end for this to be implemented properly. This can be disabled though, by going to rtMedia Settings -> BuddyPress and switching off "Enable Media in Activity".

The media gallery upload doesn't show up on the group activity is a known issue and we are working on it. That should get fixed in the upcoming releases.

Also we just did a minor fix yesterday for the template issues concerning BuddyBoss and rtMedia and that should get fixed in the next release.

I just created a fresh Buddypress install using the default theme. I installed the rtMedia plugin (free version). You can see the settings I chose in both Buddypress and rtMedia (I'm emailing you Admin access info).

rtMedia is not working at all. Add Media button is there but no action executes. Files are not uploading to media library or posting to loops.

WP version is 3.6.1 BP version is 1.8.1 rtMedia version is 3.1.6 PHP version 5.3.23 GD enabled Max upload file-size 64m

I'm emailing you an Admin User ID and Password for the site along with a link to our software stack on our VPS.

More in the email... Thanks in advance.

@brettbuchanan - I just checked the site you mailed me and the activity upload and the normal media upload work fine. The activity upload starts once you click on the "Post Update" button.