Buddyblock hook

Is there any way to make rtmedia respect the settings of the buddyblock plugin (http://www.philopress.com/products/buddyblock/ )

We have found that users use the buddyblock to block an abuser member - but that member can come over to their pictures and continue to harass and abuse since it does not prevent the comments from going through on the rtmedia uploaded media.

not sure if - https://rtmedia.io/docs/developers/hooks/rtmedia_disable_media_in_commented_media/ has anything to do with that or if something else affects it or could this be a future addon or something?

Hello @stevemedia,

To prevent the blocked users from commenting on the media using the buddyblock plugin, you will need to identify those blocked users and remove the comment-on-media area from rtMedia.

This is achievable with some custom coding. You can contact to the buddyblock plugin developers for the block user’s identification code. We can help you with the code which will be needed to remove the comment area.

Let us know the reply from the buddyblock team so that we can assist you further.