Browser Compatibility

Is there any documentation on the browser compatibility of BP Media? Specifically, backwards compatibility with old versions of browsers?


Hi, Could you specify for what functionality exactly do you require the browser compatibility? There are a lot of modules in rtMedia. The main compatibility would depend on the theme being used.

Thanks Joshua,

My only reason for asking for this info is because I am likely to have many customers who will not be the best about upgrading to the newest browsers.

An example - I know one customer who is still on Firefox 3.2 haha. So I would like to be able to inform my customers that RTMedia is compatible with these versions "x1.4", "y21.3" etc. Then, the customer will know why they are missing out on something, and will hopefully upgrade.

The two components that are most important to me for this are the main Photos page and Uploading Photos.

Thanks, -Tom

You can check this link -> for the File API compatability.