Broken profiles


So my host had made it so i couldn’t get updates in a while…needless to say i was somewhere around 2.6 on my version of buddypress media. Once i had my host issue fixed i updated all of my plugins. Once updated i had a random issue where a lot of my users profiles were pretty much missing. They could log in but no info was there except their picture and username. So i went through the joy of disabling all my plugins and reactivating them 1 by 1. Turns out it the the buddypress media plugin causing the issue. I deleted it via ftp and reinstalled my old backed up version and everything worked again. Then i tried to update it again with the same result. I have the plugin disabled for now. Is this a known issue? Any help is greatly appreciated.



That’s a long jump for us to quickly figure out what could’ve gone wrong. Could you send us access to the site?

Besides, we are getting ready for another long jump:

So, your case can specially enlighten us about some pitfalls to avoid.



Hi Saurabh,
If the next big version is coming out soon i may just wait and see what happens. For now i will try one more time to disable all the plugins and i will only turn on BP and BPmedia. If it works i will reenable each plugin 1 by 1 If i figure out where the issue is i will repost it here.