Broken Individual Activity Feeds

Your latest update broke my individual activity feeds where members saw just the activity of their friends.

This is the second time an update has broken my site. Sigh.

Hi, Could you elaborate a little. The issues that I've understood from your post, I've not been able to replicate.

Currently the plugin is disabled. I am using the buddyboss theme and buddypress 1.7 With the buddyboss theme, it has a stream that is shows a users friends activities. With your upgrade to 2.9 it broke this activity stream. I believe that this may be caused by the fact that the theme has an option to upload photo's and show youtube videos into the activity stream built in. That is just my guess. The friends activity stream breaks at the point there is a photo or video to be shown. The main member activity stream doesn't break, just the filtered stream that shows only friends activity. Does this help? I am posting a screen shot. Notice that the last post breaks in the comment.

I found the problem. Your plugin and this plugin doesn't play nice together.


Glad you found it. However, there's little we can do to prevent such conflicts. However, we'll be rolling out a different templating system for BuddyPress Media that'll minimize such breakages in the future.