BP Wall not working with Inspire Theme

BP Wall not working with Inspire Theme

Hi jamesgarcia999,

Could you be more specific about the issue you are facing? Could you give us your debug info?

Friendship activities are not being shown on the activity stream like this: Mike and John are now friends

Also any changes on profile picture not being shown on activity stream.

And there’s no count for the number of people who clicked on “Favorite button” and the owner of that post doesn’t received any notification that someone likes his post and he or she can’t see if there’s some who favorited his post.

I already turned off all my plugins and only left were buddpress and bbpress and of course the theme. Still no good.

Hi Jamesgarcia,

You need to check this with BP Wall developers. Their plugin hasn’t been updated for many months now and is causing compatibility issues.

Hi there! Thanks for your reply. I already removed the BP wall anyway. I guess the only thing that’s missing since I started using inspire theme and rtmedia is the “Like Count” or should I say “Favorite Count” It doesn’t show how many or who likes a particular post or anything. It also doesn’t sent any notification to users whenever someone likes or favorites his or her post.

I already asked this question a couple of times but I there’s no response to this.

I’m not a technical person, so if you could walk me through with this, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!