BP Media with Multiblog does not work

Hi there!

Thanks so much for fixing the sidebar issue so quickly! I’m now running into a multisite issue. I’ve enabled multiblog true, and I’ve network enabled BP Media, but I am unable to save the settings on my subdomains.

I’ve tried to network deactivate it and individually activate the plugin, but it still won’t save the settings.

Is this something you could help with?

Lastly, I would like to use the phototag software, but will it also cause issues on a multiblog network?

Much Thanks for all of your work!

Is there any error message you are getting when click on save button?
Or can you please show us the error log here?
We will cross check it and let you know…


Hi Missy,

The BuddyPress Media used to use SEttings API of WordPress which is not properly supported on Multisite. We used a hack to make it work. Still it doesn’t work on all types of activation.

With rtMedia 3.0 we are discarding the Settings API for standard Options and be able to fix this issue. Kindly subscribe for updates on the progress.