BP-Media Widget question


Hi, first thanks for the great plugin. I uploaded a picture to a private group, but the thumbnail is still visible in the widget area. Is it possible to disable/hide media which is uploaded to private groups even if I select "all" in the widget settings?

Another question is: Is it possible to move media from personal albums to groups?


A formula would be that the first image that you choose as album cover (thumbnail) is a simple private all black image or generic and does not indicate the content. The second question is very interesting. I think something that we will see some update :)


Thank you for the reply but i don´t think it´s working just with a black album image: I changed the album image to a black image, and uploaded an image to the private group but it still appears in the widget under 'all' and 'images'. Isn´t there a way to hide media from private groups in the widget?

An update for the transfer of media to a group would be great :-)


So it's something that is beyond me and will have to reply to those who know. It was my idea to get by if he could run. Sorry.


Hi @mat,

We have overlooked this scenario. In any case, the group functionality is actually not that great because of some technicalities in the way BuddyPress uses groups.

We are working on a revision of BuddyPress Media and would handle this in a different way. Meanwhile, we'll look into this and try and fix this in one of the next few releases.



Thanks. That´s great news. Would be a great feature!