BP Media upload folder

I would like to know if it is possible to change the upload folder of BP Media as currently all user uploaded media shows into the post editor of wordpress, if this is planned in the next release is there any rough release date and if not, are there any hints you could give me in order to be able to do it myself if that’s even possible, just having them in any folder that will not show into the wordpress editor will be perfect for my needs!


Currently, the uploads are handled in the background by WordPress. We did realise the amount of noise it adds to the WordPress gallery. In the newer rtMedia, we plan to address this pretty early. All user uploads will go into user specific folders.

However, changing the file location doesn’t prevent media from displaying in the media gallery. So, we are going to filter the default media query of WordPress for this. Kindly subscribe to keep abreast of the progress with rtMedia.


Hi there,

Any Updates on this?

@valourar - We haven’t started any implementation on this yet. This is on a lower priority right now and will update you as soon as this is in place.