BP Link Thumbnail not always generating

Hello! When I’m sharing a link on the buddypress activity stream I’ve noticed that sometimes the thumbnail will generate and sometimes it will not. In particular, I notice that when I share a link from my own site the thumbnail does not show - is there a way I can fix that? Is there a particular tag the script is looking for that I could include in the header? Any help you can offer is appreciated,

Thank you


Can you give me URL you trying to share in activity update?

Here’s one - http://wingchuncentral.net/ivt-po-pai-training-wing-chunving-tsun/

Thanks for your help

OK, the issue is in this page images don’t have absolute path, they have relative path. We are looking for the solution of this kind of bug for relative path. As soon as we find anything to fix this issue, we will update the plugin.