BP-Daily Theme Kaltura Media Layout Conflict How to Remove Sidebar?


I added the Kaltura Media component to my blog and it’s great but for some reason I can’t seem to find the file to remove the sidebar in the BuddyPress layout.

I can remove the sidebar from all the other areas but for some reason I can’t see where the Kaltura MEDIA page is controlled.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Here is a link to see why I need to remove the sidebar. I want the sidebar gone so the image or video can be seen centered in the middle how it is.






I am owner of http://www.sometextmissing.com and i have made my site a social group and using Kaltura server, but i have a problem that is the preview of Images and videos cannot fit on theme and it overlaps on the right side widget, which make the site ugly look and i want the solution for this, is anyone guide me how to set the width/height of preview images that can be fit inside the body of my theme.
Waiting for your responses
Mohsin Malik


I’m having a similar problem. Neither my player nor my uploader fit into my theme (custom-community). I cannot find how to correct this???

Also, is it possible to rename the “photo” and “video” tabs that are automatically added to the nav bar? I want them to be named “User Videos” and “User Photos”.