BP-Album Importer too slow


I want to migrate from BP-Album. Before running the importer on my production site, I thought of testing it with a test site.

The importer seems to be too slow that its taking hours in importing just 9 members with 82 photos! My production site has approx 1500 members, how long would that take?

Kindly guide.
Thank you

Just completed the import and I could see all the photos under 'media' however as soon as I updated the plugin from 2.8 version all photos are disappeared! All media counts are zero and there are no photos.

Please help.


Make sure after the upgrade from buddypress media 2.8 to rtMedia, you have click on database migration link (See the attached image). That converts all the content from old buddypress media to rtMedia.

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Hello @nitun.lanjewar No, that message never came up. How/where do I get that message/migrate database?


I found the following

rtMedia needs two database tables i.e. wp_rt_rtm_media and wp_rt_rtm_media_meta. If it fails to create them, migration will NOT work.

I have Better WP Security installed on my site, a setting of this plugin changes database table prefix to some random string. My tables for example look like -

io877gj_rt_rtm_media and io877gj_rt_rtm_media_meta

Please suggest a workaround.

Thank you

Please deactivate all the other plugins during the importing from bp-album to buddypress 2.8 and also during upgrading from 2.8 to rtMedia latest. The database update script notice should come on every page of rtMedia.

Do you mean wp_rt_rtm_media and io877gj_rt_rtm_media are the same thing and this doesn't matter? I tried with all the plugins deactivated, no success.

It should work in that case also, no matter what database prefix is. But, the problem is you are not getting message to update database script which I mentioned in above image. Since, the migration script was developed long back ago, hence we are not sure what could be an issue now, and also we stopped supporting migration script after that. I can suggest you to first try with your development (test) site, without using Better WP Security plugin (It worked for me). If, with that condition also the migration not goes successful, then consider to hire our team for migration process. You can contact me @ nitun.lanjewar@rtcamp.com

Thanks, --Nitun