BP Activity Stream Slider for images

Hi guys, I have searched hard to find the a way to include this slider in the activity stream when my users upload their images


I can’t find the right files to edit, that will ensure the slider picks up in the activity stream of Buddypress and also the groups

Any help would be appreciated

@pranalipatel can anyone at rtmedia help me find the files needed to implement the slider I have on the activity stream please thanks,


Hello @Menzer,

You can add your custom JavaScript code to add the slider in BuddyPress activity. Here is the sample code to give you the direction :

jQuery( document ).ready( function () {

/* Activity Slider */

/* Activity Slider After Ajax Load */
$( document ).ajaxComplete( function() {
} );


function rtpActivitySlider() {
	setTimeout( function( ) {
		jQuery( '#activity-stream ul.rtmedia-list' ).not( '.rtmedia-activity-media-length-1 ).each( function( i ) {
                                 // Custom Slider code
                } );

         }, 600 );

Thank you, Pranali

@menzer Well I do not understand why you need to do this. rtmedia already has a lightbox to display media