Bm-ffmpeg plugin not working / server info


I need some assistance getting the video/music upload working. Please email me so I can send you a link to my live website using the plugin. The plugin is installed and working for photos. I looked at my server info. and it says and that it's running Linux, but not really sure what one. My Server URL (in the plugin) is set to http://localhost:1203/upload


Hi Joe,

Is media node installed on your server, as described here?

Could you check and let us know?



I have a hostgator account with Managed VPS Hosting. CentOS Linux w/ Full Root Access cPanel / WHM Control Panel

BUT...I'm not exactly sure how to do the steps below. (see below)

git clone git:// cd media-node sudo bash

Thanks for your help



You'll need shell access to run these commands via the terminal. You might need to contact your server support guy.



I finally got secure terminal access from Hostgator... but they will NOT do it or show me how to do it because they dont support 3rd party APIs.

So can you help me do with terminal? I'm in Terminal and now I have access,... I believe im on root level - its says: _root [~]# Not sure how to get to the right spot to run this: git clone git:// cd media-node sudo bash

> I'm think I'm so close!

I paste in the command code and hit return... But not working... after the first line it says: -bash: git: command not found and after the second it says: No such file or directory

Thanks again for the help!



You'd have to install git first as described here:

You just have to paste this command and hit enter on the terminal.

apt-get install git  

After the command is processed, retry the install.


And in case, it still is a problem, you can have us do it for you as well, as described here. This will be at a cost, of course.




Sorry, I assumed you were using Ubuntu. The order details and our support personnel have informed me that you have CentOS installed. In that case, the command is:

yum install git  

This will install git, which will make the first command run. Once, that runs, the folder that wasn't found will be created and the final command will install media-node.



I'd like to use your Converter Setup Service. I really like your Media plugin! Place the order from your link #24310. Please contact me to let me know what to do next. Thanks!



Thank you for purchasing the installation service. We've contacted you by email for the server credentials.



Hi Joe,

The media-node is successfully installed on CentOS 6.3 server. If you face any problem again, let me know.


Hello, Thanks for install of Media-node. But, still not working. After a audio or video is uploaded still does not show. Are my setting OK? What should the Server URL be? Thanks again,



Could you also share the WordPress login and password on email, so we could log in and check and fix the settings?



I registered shuklas email address as a registered user. And also I made him an admin.

Thanks again, Joe



I've changed the settings of BP Media in WordPress and now its working.

Kindly confirm.


Hello, When I drop a file in the "Drop Files zone, the Select Album window is not on the top level. it is below the transparent grey. I can't select Album or select anything. Please see attached jpg for reference: Thanks again for your help.

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This has been fixed. Closing this.