Blogger with custom url's for blog post

Hi I have just recently migrated my blogger blog to wordpress but I found that wordpress uses post title for url’s and here the problem came. I was using custom permalinks for all my blog posts on blogger and I want the same permalinks in wordpress also which is not happening since it’s not mapping one on one post to post url’s to wordpress as wordpress uses post title as permalinks

I want the urls which were same when I was using blogger and most of them have been changed during migration is there any way to fix this. Here I am not talking about structure here I am talking about exact between the URL’s

for eg - post title is - SEO Tips And Tricks 2015 For Blogger & Beginners so in blogger I have used custom permalink like ( note 2015 i have excluded

but in wordpress it takes the url from post title and I am losing all the ranking I want the url to be exactly the same in wordpress also to retain the ranking in search engines so the url becomes ( note 2015 is inlcuded) which I don’t want

there are approximately 300 posts and it’s very time consuming to setup 301 redirect or to individually map urls one by one

Please help regarding this as i have lost most of my search engine ranking since the url’s changes