Blogger to Wordpress Redirection plugin issue

Everything seemed to be going fine until i got to the point where i needed to use the plugin. My issue is that when i click on Start Coniguration, list of Blogs shows my Blogger blog with custom domain instead of the blogspot subdomain.

In a previous thread i read, it said: "WordPress keeps records of blogger domain from which you import. This record is used by plugin. So as of now you cannot set manually subdomain for redirection. We have noted this issue and we will fix this within 2 weeks. You can subscribe to our blog to receive update when issue gets fixed."

That was back in April. Does anyone know if this has been fixed and if not, what can I do to fix it? I have been using a custom domain with Blogger for almost 2 years. All my posts are now 404s and it's already been a few days. I need to fix this asap.