Blogger to Wordpress redirection plugin finds the wrong blog


I successfuly imported my blogger blog to My blogger blog was on a custom domain and I followed your tutorial, everything worked great. I also removed my custom domain from blogger blog.

The next step I wanted to do was to close down the blogger blog and redirects its traffic to my wordpress blog. I installed your Blogger to Wordpress redirection plugin and started the whole proces unfortunately what it finds is instead the blogger blog - the custom domain the blogger blog was. What to do? Do I have to wait untill your plugin finds the blogger blog?

Please help.

Hello @klikaju,

Glad to know you have migrated the site to self-hosted WordPress.

Can you please confirm if you were using custom domain while migrating blog from Blogger to WordPress site? and has followed all the steps mentioned in our tutorial:

If you are using the same custom domain on WordPress site which you were using on Blogger site and has pointed the domain to hosting server of WordPress site then you your links will never get redirected to Blogger site.

If you are still facing the issue then can you please share some links where exactly you are facing this issue. This will help me to provide you exact solution to your issue.


I followed all the steps in your tutorial and I;m good now. The redirection works.

However there is something strange and I don’t know where does it come from: so, I checked my Google Webmaster Tools I have 135 URL which show 404 errors. All of them have strange codes added on the end of the URL. Some URLS look like that: (there is this m=1 at the end)

or some URLs have weird symbols: (every time the symbols are different)

What is that? What has generated such links? What to do with it?

Thanks for your great help!