Blogger To Customized Domain Not Working

Hi, I have been through your post on this topic and found it very informative though I had followed all the instructions but still not able to do it. I have purchased domain through crazydomains and also activated premium DNS settings but still its not happening.
The things that i noticed is, while blogger says to write www as host name and ghst.something.something as target but my site doesn’t allow me to write www or the other cname alone it always comes as . So could it be this thing creating the problem. Like in both the CNAME records my new domain name is attached by default.
Please guide me. thanks in advance.


First, open the DNS records from crazydomains, then add A records with those 4 IPs ( provided under account, then add CNAME record

If CNAME is not allowing in domain registrar then contact the crazydomain support team.

Thanks, --Nitun

Hello, Thankyou, actually I had already done that but still it was not being approved. But it came out to be a matter of time and its actually working fine now.

Anyways, Thanks a lot for your time and effort!!!

Yeah, DNS changes take sometime to propagate all over the world.