Blogger sitemap what to do after change to custom domain

In my case, moving to wordpress isn't instantly. I already changed my blogger to the custom domain, but i'm still setting things up on WP and don't know how much long it will take until ready to move. So blogger still holds my blog under a new domain. Since last 8 days, when I changed the domain, my traffic dropped for half and I'm without sitemap. Questions: Should I set a new blogger sitemap for the new domain? what about the original blogspot domain does it need one too redirecting to the new domain? what about the redirect true or false parameter and in each one ?

If I will have in one week or so the new WP blog online is it really necessary? Beside all of this I'll want to have my domain with non WWW which I have now on blogger with.

Am I compromising the whole process of migrate my blog keeping the search engines ranking? One thing for sure it's the ranking already dropped.

Would like to have an advice. Thanks in advance.

Hi Miguel,

Follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. If you have a blog with .blogspot domain, then change it with a custom domain. (Follow this series of posts ). will automatically redirect all the links from .blogspot to custom domain.
  2. Submit a sitemap of new domain to webmaster (search in Google for good article).
  3. It may take around 1-2 months for major search engines to update your blogs’ permalinks index.
  4. You can google for and When all links get updated you will see less result (almost zero) for .blogspot while many results for custom domain.
  5. Then go for WP installation on hosting server (now you can remove www) by changing the local host file and start to import content from blogger.

    By following all the above steps, you can retain ranking of blog.

    Hope you got all the answers of your question in above steps.


Yes, When search engine will indexed all blog permalinks that will be belongs to new custom domain only (not the old .blogspot domain).

About the backlinks: yes that is also fine. :slight_smile: