Blogger redirecting to Wordpress About page

Hi there. Thank you so much for the excellent plugin and tutorials. I'm having one problem. On my dummy blog, everything worked fine and redirected as it should. However, when I followed the same instructions for my real blog, something went wrong. I've double checked everything and cannot figure out the problem. My Blogger homepage redirects to my Wordpress homepage. However, all other posts redirect to my Wordpress About page. Any advice on what might be wrong?

Also, in Step 4 (Changing DNS settings for your domain name), what should I change the DNS names to? I'm using Dreamhost and know how to access the DNS settings, but I wasn't sure what the new nameservers should be called.

Thanks so much for your help!

Sorry, the URLs are probably useful:

Old blog -

New blog -

Hi Clstar,

I see most of your links redirecting properly.
There are few links which are giving you problem.
You can fix them with “Redirection” plugin manually.
If you find many broken link, you will need to debug entire migration process. As its lengthy process, its hard to say what could have went wrong without getting into details.

For Dreamhost DNS, please check