Blogger Redirect not working anymore

Hi there, When you go to my site, after you fixed it, it's not redirecting to my new wordpress site anymore? I did do one change in my wordpress admin page, and that was adding the www to so now it's Also now I'm getting a message from Google webtools that it can't access my site, and I noticed all the errors have to do with the blog. I've attached screen shots, so you can see, can you help me figure this out? This is way beyond my capability to try and resolve on my own :( Thanks Maggie

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Hi @magdoline-hammad, Sorry for late reply, we missed your support topic. Anyways, Is the problem still persist for your site? If its fixed, then I can close this topic. Let us know..

Hi there

It's still not working. Could you possibly have a look at it, becasue I have tried many times, and have now given up.

Hi, Please try Blogger To WordPress plugin to migrate your Blogger homepage to Wordpress. Here is the tutorial, you can check it out for further help.