Blogger don`t update dashboard after published new post

Hi I have problem with feedreader on blooger. I set on blogger redirect on wordpress feed it was working fine, but new post doesn`t show in dashboard.

I testing this a found, when i click on feed in menu next to dashboard and show only this feed. The feed will be updated but older follower doesn`t know that there are new posts.

Are you using feedburner to manage your site feed reader? If yes, please follow this


I had a blog on blogspot platform with active redirection to my custom domain In blogger options the URL for my feeds was set as default -> in blogger dashboard all my posts were visible for my google followers. I also had an active account on Feedburner but it was used only as an option to follow my blog.

I moved from blogger to wordpress with your widget. The custom domain remained the same, all posts were successfully imported to wordpress, all links redirected by the widget and Feedburner widget was installed to show there also my current wp feeds. I also deactivated redirection from blogspot to custom domain and typed in the blogger settings new feed url i.e. to stay in touch with my google followers like it was written here – unfortunately the feed redirection doesn’t work.

In blogger dashboard my old posts (published on blogger before the migration) are visible but there are no new ones that I have already published on wordpress (while on my Feedburner account there are old as well as new ones). My google followers think that I haven’t published anything for the last months!

What is interesting, when I have added my blog to followed ones in blogger as a new follower yesterday, I am able to see all the posts! Old & new ones.

I have read that changing feed URL from blogger default one to Feedburner is the only way to keep google followers and that they won’t even notice the change. I can see that it works well on other blogs that have made the migration from blogger to wordpress. I don’t know why it is not working with mine.

Another interesting thing -> there are differences between what the ‘old’ and ‘new’ followers see in dashboard when it comes to my blog:

‘Old follower’ Blog name: Mamoholiczka | blog parentingowy Feeds link:

‘New follower’ Blog name: MAMOHOLICZKA blog parentingowy Warszawa Feeds link:

Above URLs are related to the same post.

Please help me with the issue -> How can I refresh the feeds for my ‘old followers’. It is important for me to stay in touch with them.

Thank you, A.