Blogger Custom Domain to Wordpress without Link Change


I am totally new in this thing so if my questions sound stupid, I apologise.

I will be shifting from Blogger to Wordpress. My site ranks 60,000+ in the world and 4000+ in my nation.

I have a 15-20k unique visitors per day and it is a CUSTOM DOMAIN in google blogger.


When I shift to Wordpress from Google obviously the Permalinks change. On the internet, all the sites are recommending to change the permalink patterns but somehow it(WP permalinks) still does not match with blogger permalinks.

I want to know if there is a way to redirect the permalinks without changing WP permalink pattern:

Demo Link:

If you click on this link, it redirects to WP Permalink. But in my case, it is showing “oops 404”.

Please help me out.


Follow this article, there already mentioned how to keep same permalink structure on WordPress blog.

Since, you are using the custom domain on, that same domain you can keep with WordPress, and permalink will be same. So that entire URL of blog post wont change after the migration process.