Blog Name In Google Search Result

I migrated from Blogger to WordPress two years ago. At that time, I set the privacy as not to be seen or crawled by Googlebot; so that my then newly setup WordPress would not have duplicate content problem.

Recently I changed the blog name. Should I go back to Blogger to change the Privacy setting to allow my blog to be seen by search engines?

If you have setup a redirection code in blogger template, then its not needed, All old links will redirect to WordPress. But for safer side, keep the privacy on in blogger.

Nitun, thank you for the prompt reply. I have no problem with the blog posts. It's the blog name. The Google search result still shows the old blog name as my Blogger site. But recently I have went over to Blogger to change it to the new name as my WordPress. But then as the privacy setting in Blogger is till set as doesn't allow to be seen by search engines, then I think Google will still shows the old blog name.

Strangely, Yahoo and Bing are showing the new blog name, when I type in its URL.

Submit the sitemap xml file and change the address of your blog in webmaster tool. Hope it will help.

In fact I have both sites with Google Webmaster Tools. The Blogger sitemaps warning says: When we tested a sample of the URLs from your Sitemap, we found that some URLs were not accessible to Googlebot due to an HTTP status error.

When you say change the address of my blog, do you mean to change old Blogspot URL to the new domain? Plus, where and how do I submit sitemap xml file?

I mean to say, change the address of blog URL in webmaster tool NOT in You will find the change in URL address inside the webmaster tool settings.

As I mentioned in my last mail, I already have both sites (old Blogger blog & new WordPress blog) in the Google Webmaster Tools.

Can I just delete Blogger blog in Google Webmaster Tools?

No need to delete it. Just change the URL, check this

When I did as advised, I got this message: Restricted to root level domains only

Cross check it will www and without www domain. That might be an issue. By the way, when you will search the same error with Google, you will get number of resolved results. :) Try those.

Could you please explain to me what do you mean by when I search the same error with Google, I'll get number of resolved results?

Have already crossed check with both www and non-www, both showed the old blog name.

@shanthi, We do not give support for other third party errors. As this error Restricted to root level domains only belongs to Google, hence we are not aware of that.