Blank Page with the latest module rtMedia

I have deleted my wp-content (I have already an old backup), and when I uploaded again, the module rtMedia stop working. Why? Best regards

Hello @SashaChirico,

Please, once check if you are facing any errors related to this in your server error log files. Kindly, share the server error log file here so that we can look into the issue as well.


Hello @pranalipatel,

Thank you for the quick answer.

On the error log, I can’t see nothing, I attach a screenshot for you.

Hello @SashaChirico,

The screenshot you have shared in the previous reply are of the browser console and not the server ErrorLog file.

The server error log contains diagnostic information and records any errors that it encounters in processing requests on your website. It is the log file to look when any problem occurs with the operation of the server since it will often contain details of what went wrong and how to fix it.

You can ask your admin team to send it over to you if possible.


Hello, I’m the admin and I have the cPanel… So this is the error log from the server (attached). I have no errors…

Hello @SashaChirico,

We are not sure what could go wrong as there are no errors in the log file as well. Could you please share your website URL with us?