Best way to upgrade from 14.x to ubuntu 16?


hey guys!

what would you consider the best way to upgrade a production site from ubuntu 14 to 16?


My suggestion is to not upgrade to 16.04 for another 6 months. Allow all the kinks to get worked out then move the site/sites to a brand new 16.04 server. Make sure backups are in working order and tested. Make sure your new 16.04 server is tested with copies of your sites. Test everything you think of. Then when it is all working get your 16.04 server with copies of your sites running. Point the domains and leave your old server up for a few days. Make final backups of your old server and destroy it. The key here is to have your backups running and tested. I learned the hard way last week (maybe not learned, but was reminded) that a backup is only as good as the restoration you can perform. I had a backup that was improperly encoded and I had to run all the queries by hand to restore the database that failed on me last week.


thank you for your response @cblakebarber :slight_smile:


Create a backup before moving to 16.04. The best way you can do is create a new VPS with ubuntu 16.04 then move your site to it.